Anglo-Hispanic Workshop

Cross-Cultural Skills Seminar

Topic: Challenges and Advantage of Working in an Anglo-Hispanic Context

Target Audience: Anyone who understands that cross-cultural capability is an essential leadership skill in today’s global environment.

The Seminar in a Nutshell

Culture has to do with our beliefs about how things work and what is important. Our culture is such a part of us that it becomes invisible to direct observation. This is why we need a framework that will help us look below the surface and understand the roots of cultural differences. Such a framework will help us to see both the similarities and also the differences between our American assumptions and those of our Hispanic neighbors.

This seminar presents seven ways that cultures differ with an emphasis on how the Anglo-American culture differs from the Hispanic or Latin-American culture. The presentation will shed light on the sometimes confusing interplay between these two cultures.

The purpose of the presentation is to help participants successfully navigate the maze of Latin American social preferences and expectations and to avoid some of the pitfalls involved in cross-cultural partnerships.

What You Will Gain from this Seminar

  • Keys for unlocking the mysteries of cultural differences
  • Practical tips on how to develop a successful Anglo-American team
  • Confidence in your ability to develop a cross-cultural organization


Greg Waddell served as a missionary in Uruguay and Argentina for the Independent Christian Churches. He is currently serving as the Director of Institutional Improvement at Mid-South Christian College and as adjunct professor in the Business Department at Victory University in Memphis, TN. An expert in cross-cultural communication, he is able to help your team come to grips with the challenges of working in an culturally diverse environment.


Contact us to find our how you can arrange for your organization or church to take advantage of on-site, distance, or hybrid training in cross-cultural capability.


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