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Everyone has desires. Some people are committed and persevere to turn their desires into realities. That’s what leadership is about. We dedicate this site to helping leaders turn their dreams into tangible results. To express this idea, we came up with the following purpose:

challenging leadership thinking to enable strategic improvement.


We believe organizations can increase their productivity by developing their leadership capability. Organizational productivity is often seen as a consequence of having the right resources and structures. Productivity is also a product of the leadership we bring to the organization. Quality leadership is essential for the survival of an organization in today’s volatile environment, whether in the for-profit or non-profit domains.

Whether you are a mid-career professional, CEO, college administrator, or warehouse manager, irrespective of your business domain, whether you are for-profit or not-for-profit, to improve productivity, you need to improve yourself.

Our goal is not just to share theories and platitudes, but to provide real-value insights that can be plugged in to your everyday work situation. We want to provide information aimed at strategic improvement. But for strategic improvement to take place, leaders need to develop in three areas:

  1. We must lead ourselves. Many would-be great leaders crash at some point in their careers largely due to their inability to lead themselves. A leader must be disciplined and this requires self-leadership.
  2. We must learn to lead others. Ihere is a great need today for leaders who inspire and coach, who lead by their example, and who dedicate themselves to lifting up others rather than themselves.
  3. We must lead the organization as a system. Leading individuals is not the whole story. Effective leaders see the big picture; they view the organization as a coherent system. It has to do with viewing the organization as an entity in itself and learning to drive the system rather than having the system drive us.

The greatest leader of all once said: “The leader must be as one who serves” (Luke 22:26). We want this site be a service to men and women who want to improve their leadership capabilities. Peace, prosperity, and progress in the world depend on great leadership.

Disclaimer:The beliefs, views, and opinions expressed in this blog represent those of the author(s) and should not be attributed to any client, employer, or other individual or organization with whom the author(s) have a direct or indirect relationship.

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