The Last Post

On the first weekend of January, 2011, the three of us gathered in downtown Atlanta to dream, laugh, eat and drink, laugh some more, plan, eat and laugh even more. The picture above is Robert, Greg, and Scott in the midst of one of our difficult and serious strategy sessions (wink). We gathered for three days to plan a writing venture that became We were all relatively new to blogging and excited about joining this hot communication medium. It started out as an experiment, but we dove in.

More than 7 years later we’ve posted over 900 articles (this is our 945th) and our work has been cited in trade journals, research, dissertations, and other blogs.

During that time, Scott’s kids have grown and are nearly finished with college. He celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary, traveled to Hawaii a few times, and made a few job changes. His kids grew from junior high homeschoolers to seniors in college. He also trained for and earned a black belt in Soo Bahk Do.

In the meantime, Greg has worked to help a small college in Memphis, TN achieve accreditation, then went on to another university in North Carolina to help them launch their online program. He has since returned to the college in Memphis where he now serves as a full professor and director of their online program. Greg and his wife Dawn will celebrate 40 years of marriage this July. During our blogging years, they have gone from being just parents to grandparents of five grandchildren.

All the while, Robert has moved from North Carolina to the Philippines to Kentucky to Connecticut to Nebraska to Chicago. His sons have graduated from college and his daughter, who was in middle school, is now a college junior. He and his wife have also added a daughter-in-law to their family. He celebrated his 31st wedding anniversary, his 31st year in the corporate world and helped 5 companies achieve operational and financial success in 4 industries. He went scuba diving in Bali and Palau, explored Southeast Asia, went to Barcelona for executive training, visited family in Germany and learned to grill.

A lot has happened in our lives, and there is more to come. To make room for what is to come, each of us has independently decided it is time to stop writing for Seriously, one of us brought it up to the others and we each responded with, “I was thinking the same thing.” We each have our different reasons, though. Here is a little about what’s next for each of us.


As my wife and I near our 32nd anniversary, we’re thoughtful of the 2nd half and what it holds. We’ve downsized our house and belongings while simplifying and streamlining our lives. I continue to have a passion for growing and developing others, mentoring/coaching other leaders and helping individuals/organizations maximize their performance. Over the years, I’ve become a turnaround expert, more by accident than design. What’s next? Work. Play. Family. I’m not anticipating a major life change but I’m open to God’s leading as I continue looking for ways to serve others, provide for my family, make an impact and use my gifts.


My wife and I gave 21 years of our lives as church-planting missionaries in Uruguay and Argentina. When I went to the Regent University and got my doctorate in Strategic Leadership, my thought was, “Maybe it’s time for a career change.” I was thinking something in the corporate world. But God has has repeatedly made it clear to me that this will not be. He wants me back in full-time ministry. I continue my missionary work by teaching the Scriptures at a Christian college in Spanish to hispanic students who will return to their home countries with the message of Christ. I also serve as an elder at a church in Mississippi where we have launched a second service in Spanish. I continue to offer my consulting services to churches and non-profit organizations in areas of strategic planning and revisioning the church as a learning organization. I’ll also continue my writing at


Leadership has always been a passion for me. It always will be. I’m not going to stop coaching, consulting, and writing about leadership. I’ll also stay focused on making things better: processes, systems, quality, strategies, teams. I enjoy taking whatever I’m given and working with others to improve it. However, in the past two or three years, my faith journey has also grown deeper. To use a hiking analogy, I’ve traded in my everyday walking shoes for Merrell Phaserbound hiking boots. I’ve ditched the fanny pack for an Osprey Stratos. Through this deeper faith journey, I’ve been deeply drawn to being a more faithful disciple of Jesus and helping others do the same. So that’s what’s next for me: being a disciple who makes disciples. The specifics are still emerging, but I am exploring several opportunities to teach, write, disciple, and counsel others according to the Word of God. And Wow! I’m excited about what lies ahead.

Closing Thought

We all want to thank you for being friends of It’s been a fun, challenging, and growing experience for each of us. If we had the chance to start over and do it again, none of us would hesitate.

-Robert, Scott, and Greg

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