Four Types of Time for Leaders—Revisited

Wrist watch on man's left wrist

One year ago, I had been focusing a lot on organizing my time and tasks so that I could be more effective with my responsibilities. Looking back at what I had researched, wrote about, and implemented (some of it, anyway), it is gratifying to see how those efforts have actually paid off in the past year.

For example, one year ago, I wrote about the four types of time that leaders have and how to implement them, especially “Results” time. I implemented that strategy and the positive impact on my effectiveness and work stress has been tremendous.

I encourage you to review this strategy and adjust your approach to take advantage of it in a way that makes sense for your particular situation. Whatever you do, be careful to have a focused “Results” time strategy.

Here is the full article from May 22 of 2017.

Dr. Scott Yorkovich is a leadership coach and consultant. He works with individuals, small and medium organizations, and ministries. He is also an experienced competency-based higher education professional. Contact him at ScottYorkovich[at] with your questions.

Photo by Photo available at Unsplash under CC0 license. Image modified for size and space.

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