swamp with trees

I’m taking a break from writing for a few weeks, but will be selecting past articles to brush off, share a few comments, and post for your reading. This article, titled Swamps looks at vision and strategy using swamps as a metaphor for the work of leading.

Two of a leader’s greatest responsibilities are to figure out where to go and how to get there. Where to go is the vision and how to get there is the strategy. Virtually everything a leader does comes down to these two issues: vision and strategy. Without a vivid picture of the future (vision) and a plan to move the organization toward that vision (strategy), the leader isn’t really leading.

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Dr. Scott Yorkovich is a leadership coach and consultant. He works with individuals, small and medium organizations, and ministries. Contact him at ScottYorkovich[at]LeadStrategic.com with your questions.

Photo by photojock. Photo available at Morguefile under the Morguefile license. Image modified for size and space.

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