Go Big

Gerwig 2014-09-29

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression, “Go big or go home.” Well, I’m going to focus on the first part of the expression, “Go big.” In the end, it’s your choice whether or not you go big and it’s also your choice whether or not you go home (or stay in the game, in the adventure).

Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place. Red rocks. Blue skies. Low humidity. Scenic Oak Creek. Beautiful wildflowers. Great food. And stunning vistas. It’s easy to understand why visitors from all over the world travel to Sedona. It’s an amazing spot. Whether you’re eating at the Elote Café, taking a ride on the Pink Jeep Tours or walking along with your feet in Oak Creek, you’ll find beauty and peace. It’s a great getaway and I highly encourage you to go if you’ve never been. In fact, if you have been, I encourage you to go back. And no, I’m not on the local chamber of commerce or economic development board.

While on a tour of the backcountry surrounding Sedona, I noticed all the wide open space. Everywhere I looked was a stunning mountain peak or range or valley. The sky seemed endless (hence the term, “Big Sky”) and the views almost looked “fake,” as if a skilled painter had come and left bright reds and brilliant blues on an enormous canvas suspended from the sky.

People were out and about. Some were hiking, while others were riding ATVs or pink jeeps. Yet, all seemed insignificant in this great country, not quite specks, but insignificant nonetheless.

But while I was soaking in the views and enjoying my time in Red Rock Country (Coconino County in which Sedona sits), it struck me that there were two different perspectives. One, we are small and insignificant. The landscape overwhelms. The second, we are unique, special and majestic creations with endless potential and adventures lying all around us. I choose to adopt the second perspective. It’s a Go Big perspective.

Go Big means dreaming big. Go Big means not letting others place unnecessary constraints on your plans. Go Big means travelling and experiencing other cultures. Go Big means making a difference. Go Big means not letting age, or race, or gender, or ethnicity, or physical traits, or status or anything get in the way of your dreams.

Go Big means that you look up and scan the horizon, not simply walking with your eyes focused on your shoes as you walk along one step at a time. Go Big means that you take action at the personal level but you never lose site of the big picture, where you’re headed, your vision, your dream.

Too many people place limits on what they can accomplish, limits on what impact they can have on others, limits on their achievements and limits on where they live. Go Big means having an adventure without self-imposed limits. Go Big means passionately working toward a goal that, perhaps, others don’t understand. It’s okay if others think you’re a bit unique, weird, different or unusual. In fact, it’s one of the greatest compliments I get.

Who wants to go with the masses? Who wants to stay on the safe path? The wide path? The boring path? The path with minimal return, minimal impact and minimal excitement?

If you’ve lost perspective, perhaps you need to get out. Go someplace where you stare out into the horizon, into space, into the deep. The Grand Canyon. The Space Needle. The Eiffel Tower. A National Park like the Smokey Mountains. Palau. The Great Barrier Reef. The Galapagos Islands. A hot air balloon. The beach. The desert. Red Rocks Country. Sedona.

Take a look around. Look at the all the space. Think of all the possibilities. Dream. Stretch. Go Big.

What is your story? What is your dream? Do you need to refresh your perspective? Do you need to take a long weekend retreat? Is your life an adventure full of impact, achievement, joy and changed lives? Are you a knight or a hermit? A princess or a maid? Regardless of your circumstances, the choice is yours. Choose to Go Big.

As always, the floor is open to your comments, suggestions, thoughts, and feedback.

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