Christmas Reset

Christmas Reset by Dr. Scott Yorkovich

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Computers and many electronic devices have a reset button. When something goes wrong a button or two can be used to reset the device and erase all the bad stuff so you can start fresh. It isn’t so easy in life, though.

Recently, my friend David, an author, wrote a blog article [site no longer available] about a whole series of resets he has had to make in life: The Kindle publishing site lost a new book he had recently uploaded. Through an unfortunate series of events he lost his job recently, prompting him to reset his career and focus on being an author full time. The resulting loss of income caused him to reset and reconfigure the monthly budget. Health issues have forced him to reset new expectations about what activities he can do. And all of these forced a reset of where he fits socially.

Another friend, Barb, whose husband I wrote about recently, has had to engage in a life reset that is hard for any of us to imagine. She very poignantly described her own reset following the death of her husband, Tim. Barb spent last two years caring for a husband with ALS. This was an increasingly challenging task that ended two weeks ago with his death. The sudden change in household activity, redefinition of her identity, and beginning a new life as a widow is a reset unlike any other. Their three young children are experiencing resets of their own.

I have a new friend, John, who is a missionary on one of the nation’s largest college campuses. Recently, over a cup of coffee, John shared with me what God has been doing through him on the campus. His excitement about getting to know students, sharing and engaging in life with them, and introducing them to Jesus was contagious. His energy was high and he sees the fruit of his labor. However, he is at a life stage, as a husband and father of four kids from 6 mos to 15 years, that has caused him to examine how he directs his energy and focus. Challenged to consider how to use the talents and passions God has given him has prompted a reset in how he thinks about his role and identity.

Perhaps you identify with one or more of these three stories of “resets.” Perhaps you, too, are challenged with new ways of thinking, a new self-identity, a new focus of activity, a new purpose, or new ways of connecting to others. You probably have questions about your own reset and what it ultimately means in your life.

A little more than 2000 years ago, God hit the reset button. With the birth of a baby boy in a small farm town called Bethlehem, God introduced a radical new way for people to understand who he is. With that birth he said, “I am right here with you. I want you to know me intimately. I care about your deepest hopes and hurts. I don’t want you to see me as a distant, angry God. I don’t want you to think I don’t care about the world today. I love you and I want you to be with me for the rest of time.

The birth of Jesus, who was both completely God and completely human, led to a ministry that, though he was innocent, culminated in his execution and then his resurrection from the grave. This set the reset button on our sin and our separation from God. To learn more about how to apply that reset to your own life and to get to know the real Jesus, visit

If you want to understand how Christmas is more than just a season of merriment, gift giving, and fellowship with friends and family (all good things!), leave me a comment below, send me a note, or visit

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