A Strategic Visioning Infographic

This is my first attempt at creating an infographic. I did it using Microsoft Visio 2010. I tried to save it as a JPG and as a PNG graphics file, but I didn’t like the quality. So, I saved it as a PDF. The infographic gives a simple overview of the strategic planning process. To see it in full screen, click the image above outward pointing arrows in the lower right hand of the window below. Please give me some feedback in the comments section. Go to the full infographic by clicking the read more button below.

2 thoughts on “A Strategic Visioning Infographic

  1. Points 5 and 6 are not as clear as the other points. What do you mean by steps and milestones? What’s the differnces between them and objectives?

    • Jared, Think of Steps as Actions that need to be taken to achieve an objective. With each steps in the process, we are getting into more detail. So, your objective might be to add a new product line by January of 2013. Steps might be to (a) brainstorm ideas with development team, (b) evaluate ideas and choose from among options, (c) Complete a market analysis, (d) Complete a competitor analysis, (e) Create a prototype, (f) Test the market, (g) Prepare for launch, (i) Launch the product.

      Milestones are defined as “steps with no duration.” When using project planning software, you would give milestones a duration of 0. They usually mark the completion of some deliverable. For example, in the above scenario, one milestone might be, “Market analysis report completed.”

      I hope this helps.

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