Sight by Dr. Robert Gerwig

Photo by Autor

Diving in Malapascua Means thresher sharks. Dive enthusiasts from all over the world come to this small island off the northern tip of Cebu (Philippines) for a chance to see these amazing creatures. Their tails alone are worth the trip. It was a thrill for me to dive here. To spend time with family and friends. To see the threshers.

While I’d expected the threshers in Malapascua (it’s why we went there), I had not expected the beauty of the island, especially the sunsets. They were spectacular. Mesmerizing. Reds. Blues. Oranges. Yellow. Shimmering water. Wow!

Oddly, many of the island’s divers and tourists didn’t see the sunsets. They were too busy doing else. Eating. Drinking. Texting. Talking. MANY were fully absorbed in deep discussions about the threshers or other marine life spotted during the day’s dives. MANY were talking about news and gossips from home. MANY were focused on their food (too hot? too cold? too spicy?). FEW noticed their surroundings. FEW Looked up. FEW saw the sunsets.

Most of us have eyes that work properly, but few of us truly have SIGHT. Do you see what others miss? Do you notice that which escapes others?

Great leaders are aware of their surroundings. They read between the lines. They can read people. They see. They notice things. Great leaders can go diving with the threshers AND see the sunsets.

SIGHT allows you to notice the hurting employee, the worried spouse, the excited colleague, the needy friend. SIGHT allows you to be more effective, solve the right problems, promote the right people, develop the right strategy.

How do you develop your ability to see? Slow down. Look. Care about others. Read (broadly). Listen to classical music. Meditate. Pray. Put others first. Love. Prioritize. Listen. … It’s amazing how much our ability to “see” is linked to our ability to “listen.” SIGHT is linked to putting others first.

The best leaders, like history’s deepest thinkers, see things others don’t. They have both great SIGHT and inSIGHT. They see the threshers AND the sunsets.

How ’bout you? How is your sight? What tips do you have for seeing things few see? Do you have 20/20 vision? In all areas of your life? Spiritual. Family. Work. Community. Recreation.

Some have keen SIGHT at work but are “blind” at home. Our challenge is to not only have SIGHT, but to have it in every facet of our lives. To see. To notice. To observe.

Malapascua was great. The threshers were amazing. AND the sunsets were awe-inspiring. Look. Open your eyes. What do you see? In people? In nature? Use your sight to enlighten others and help them see the sunsets. Use your SIGHT to make the world a better place. And, enjoy the ride. Life’s “sunsets” are amazing!

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