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7…no, 6 Reasons to Rest [Repost]

September 19, 2016

Dr. Scott Yorkovich

Julie and I are spending a few days camping and hiking at William O’Brien State Park. I thought it would be appropriate to repost an article about the importance of rest.

7…no, 6 Reasons to Rest


I am in the midst of a short vacation. Julie and I are in Mayville, WI, staying at the historic Audubon Inn. (It’s a wonderful hotel and the town is absolutely charming, with lots of friendly folks, and plenty of restaurants, shops, and activities to enjoy in the area.) For these four days, I almost totally “unplugged.” I’ve helped my sons with a couple things at home and I talked with a client for a few minutes one morning. Other than that, no work. Just rest and lots of time outdoors. (I took the picture above at the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.) I feel great!

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Leaders Know the Value of Feedback

September 16, 2016

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Leaders Know the Value of Feedback

Over the last several days, I’ve had the pleasure of being in Cincinnati. It’s one of my favorite small US cities. It’s easy to get around. There’s a lot to do. The people are nice. And I can connect with my heritage via German food and drink. I have fond memories of visiting Cincinnati many years ago as a newlywed to visit the zoo and attend a baseball game (lifelong Reds fan!). More recently, while living 90 miles south, in Lexington (KY), my family and I would make day-trips to stretch our legs and take in some new Cincinnati restaurants. Good schools, a nice downtown, professional sports teams, and friendly people. What’s not to like!

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Leaders as Cartographers

September 12, 2016

Dr. Scott Yorkovich


I find maps fascinating. I’ve stared at maps for long periods of time while my mind goes on a virtual journey through the city or countryside. I am fascinated by the layout of roads and geographic features, buildings, parks and landmarks, and the occasional surprising discovery. When I was a kid, I enjoyed tracking our progress along the highway during family vacation trips. Even today, I prefer to look at paper maps over Google Maps on my phone or computer. (However, the intelligence that comes along with Google Maps makes it a winner!)

Maps are vital tools for leaders, too. Most leaders don’t wrestle with geographic navigation, but they certainly navigate organizational and strategic problems.

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Leaders Know Listening is Hard

September 9, 2016

Dr. Robert Gerwig


When you’re trying to get a lot of work done in your house, apartment, or condo, do you listen to iTunes? While you’re on a road trip to visit your brother in college, do you turn on the radio and crank out the volume? Or perhaps you’re a Pandora junkie like me who loves creating their own stations? Then again, some of you don’t listen to music. During times when others listen to music, you put your brain in neutral or, conversely, overload it with insanely difficult problems you’re trying to solve. I admire you, even if that’s not my thing.

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Leaders Know How to Work and Play (Repost)

September 5, 2016

Dr. Robert Gerwig

For Labor Day, we’re reposting an article from Robert that is fitting for this holiday.

Leaders Know How to Work and Play

Gerwig 2016-04-26

What does your ideal day look like? Okay, I recognize it’s an unfair question because, like me, you have many “ideal” days and they don’t necessarily look the same. Options? You get up early, have a cup of strong coffee, enjoy your favorite hobby such as golf, fly-fishing, scuba diving, or reading and then wind it down with a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. Or you might wake up in a tent, do some technical rock climbing, and then eat dehydrated food prepared over a tiny outdoor stove before turning in early. Maybe you prefer sleeping in, going shopping, and then having a leisurely massage before ordering Chinese take-out for yourself and a couple friends who have joined you to watch “The Bachelor” (aka a “girls night in”). There are many, many options. But most of us have an idea of what our ideal day would entail. Adventure or leisure? Many friends or by ourselves? Beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? Kids or no kids?

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