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Go See (Repost)

October 26, 2016

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Go See

Gerwig 2013-12-05

Have you ever flown on a plane? Most likely you have. Yes, there are some of you who, for a variety of reasons, have never flown, but most of you have. Of course it’s not as “romantic” as it was at one point in time. Most people don’t get dressed-up to fly anymore. Added airport security takes time and adds inconvenience. And free meals are a distant memory.

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What Is Your Name?

October 21, 2016

Dr. Scott Yorkovich

Bryan was asked about his experiences as a student working for his MS in Information Systems & Technology Management. He was one of five students on a panel, addressing hundreds at a conference of higher education leaders. When asked, “Tell us about how you dealt with adversity during your studies,” Bryan said, “I had a lot of Courage—and when I say ‘Courage’ I’m referring to a classmate whose name was ‘Courage’.”

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Leaders Know How to Deal with the Cycle

October 19, 2016

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Do you know that you deal with variability and cyclicality every day? You do, whether you realize it or not. Things change. The sun doesn’t rise at the same time every day. The timing of the tides change. Summer yields to fall, fall to winter. And so on. We deal with variability and cyclicality in one form or another every day of our lives.

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Leaders Are Responsible for Culture

October 14, 2016

Dr. Scott Yorkovich

The best definition of organizational culture may be “the way we do things around here.” It draws attention to the fact that culture and behavior are inextricably linked. It also points out that “the way” is a rather nebulous concept. The definition of organizational culture is not “our procedures for doing things.” Procedures are evidence of culture, but culture is broader than steps and checklists. One of the most important responsibilities of leaders is to shape and drive the organization’s culture. How do we do that?

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Leaders Know How to Learn

October 12, 2016

Dr. Robert Gerwig

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Do you love Italian food? I do!!! This week, I took my mom to the New Mill restaurant in Southington, Connecticut. Amongst other tasty fare, she had two new “things.” Raw oysters and “ice” wine. The oysters were local oysters (Blue Point), from Connecticut. And raw. The wine was a sweet, white dessert wine from the vineyards around Niagara-on-the-Lake  (in Canada) just north of Niagara Falls.

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