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Benefits of Formal Education

October 29, 2014

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2014-10-29

Recently I had the pleasure of attending “homecoming” at Clemson University. Clemson is a top-rated public university located in the “upstate” of South Carolina (USA). The campus is beautiful. It’s truly the quintessential university setting, a lake, maple and oaks trees, crepe myrtles, azaleas, walking/biking paths, brick dorms and lecture halls, big-time college athletics, bright students, accomplished faculty, and a quaint, student-friendly town.
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Book 15: Crazy Busy

October 27, 2014

Dr. Scott Yorkovich


This is one of those books I didn’t want to read but I knew I must. You should, too. My 15th book in the #EmptyShelf Challenge hit me between the eyes. Sometimes it hurt, but in the end, it felt good.

Title: Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem
Author: Kevin DeYoung
Publisher: Crossway (2013)
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Lost in Transition?

October 22, 2014

Dr. Scott Yorkovich


Vision, strategy, plans, and projects are all important parts of organizational life. These and other aspects of leading all focus on moving the organization from where it is today to some desired future state. Thus, an inherent element of leading is change. You and your organization cannot stay the same because the environment, and your competitors, are all in the process of change. Of course, we all know this. I am not stating anything that you did not already know. However, something I’ve noticed is that while we are all used to an endless stream of projects designed to help people and organizations move into the future, many of these projects are not effectively implemented and many even fail. Why?

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Images & Symbols

October 20, 2014

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2014-10-20

This weekend I was raking up a leaves and noticed a couple that stood out. They were red. It was drizzling rain outside and the leaves were slightly wet which really made the colors stand out. On the maple were leaves that were still green or orange. Some were various shades of colors, but only a couple were red, like those pictured above, and those had fallen to the ground.

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Book 14: The Heavenly Man

October 15, 2014

Dr. Scott Yorkovich


I’m very excited to share with you my 14th book in the #EmptyShelf challenge. This is one of those books that, at several points, I had to stop reading for a bit because what I had just read was so amazing.

Title: The Heavenly Man
Author: Brother Yun, with Paul Hattaway
Publisher: Monarch Books (2002)

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