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Challenging Leadership Thinking … To Enable Strategic Improvement

Rigorous Thinking

October 1, 2014

Dr. Scott Yorkovich


What’s the worst thing that can happen in a meeting? A fight? Maybe. (It depends on who wins, right? Just kidding.) How about getting fired in that meeting? Yes, that’s pretty bad…or maybe not. The next position might be incredible. What about getting nothing done? That’s frustrating. I hate those meetings. How about this: Could the worst thing that happens in a meeting be everyone agreeing on everything? Wait! Don’t we want agreement? Well, no.

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Go Big

September 29, 2014

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2014-09-29

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression, “Go big or go home.” Well, I’m going to focus on the first part of the expression, “Go big.” In the end, it’s your choice whether or not you go big and it’s also your choice whether or not you go home (or stay in the game, in the adventure).

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Leadership, Influence, and Power

September 26, 2014

Dr. Scott Yorkovich


Many have said that leadership is essentially influence. If forced to define it in a word, I agree that “influence” is a good choice. In reality, the work of leading self and others is much more complex, but, in simplest terms leadership is essentially the ability to influence your self and others toward some future goal or vision. Recently, I ran across a presentation that explored an additional dimension that must be considered in the leadership-influence relationship: The role of POWER. We often talk about leadership as influence, but I sense that many of us are afraid to acknowledge that power is a very real part of the leadership equation. Why? Because I think “power” has developed a bad connotation.

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Recognizing Patterns

September 24, 2014

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2014-09-24

Some of you have a great ability to see patterns. You see patterns in events around you at work, home and play. You see patterns in information, in decisions and in behaviors. Sometimes this ability can be extremely beneficial and at other times it can be very frustrating. Right?

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Equipping Leader

September 18, 2014

Dr. Scott Yorkovich

Dr. Scott Yorkovich:

I’m taking a short break this week as I am traveling to a training conference. So I want to draw your attention to a very good article posted by my friend and colleague, Greg Waddell. He tells a wonderful story of his experience with an “equipping leader.” Please take a few moments to read this and then ask yourself, “Who are the equipping leaders in my life? Am I an equipping leader?”

I’ll be back next week!

Originally posted on LeadStrategic:

Equipping Leader by Dr. Greg Waddell

Photo of Chañi by gonzalo_max18, Available at

David was one of my best friends during my years in Argentina. I didn’t get to see him often, because he worked in a different and distant province. I consider David my mentor in anything having to do with the great outdoors. He taught me all about climbing and hiking. While we never had any thumbs and toes freeze and fall off, we did have our share of adventures.

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