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Resourceful Leaders

February 27, 2015

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2015-02-27

Recently, we had a significant winter storm where I live. We had 18 inches of snow and then the temperature dropped to minus 12 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s cold!!! Snow and ice covered the roads, schools and businesses closed down, people stayed in their homes trying to stay warm while snow plows and salt trucks tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the roads clear.

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Knowledge Webs

February 23, 2015

Dr. Scott Yorkovich


Organization of information and tools. It doesn’t seem like an important topic, but it is critically important. How do you organize the file folders in your office? How do you organize the folders and files in your computer? How do you organize the books on your shelf? How do you organize the tools in your shop? How do you organize your office? You have a strategy for each of these. That strategy has been honed with experience and perhaps wisdom from others. Virtually everything at your disposal is organized in some way (even disorganization is a form of organization).

Here’s one you probably haven’t thought of, though: How do you organize the knowledge in your head?

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Assess What You Know

February 16, 2015

Dr. Scott Yorkovich


Learning plays a significant role in your organization’s future success. In fact, learning is required—without learning, your organization will experience its death in short order. Why? We all know that change is required to facilitate your transition into the future, and that this change is a continual process. To change, we must learn. Learning produces change. It is the only way to change. Therefore, we must carefully consider how we learn.

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Giver or Taker?

February 13, 2015

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2015-02-13

“All models are wrong, some are useful.” The first time I heard this saying, I didn’t fully grasp its significance. But in the years since, it has become a favorite. Dr. W. Edwards Deming was giving a live seminar to leaders at the company for whom I worked. He was in his 90s at the time and was truly a legend. I remember writing down nearly every word he said in my journal (actually a pad of engineering paper).

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How Does Learning Work?

February 9, 2015

Dr. Scott Yorkovich



What is learning? Is it the acquisition of knowledge? Is it the development of skills? What about changes in values, beliefs, and behaviors? Are these part of learning, too? Yes, all of these are part of learning and they all work together to create deep change in people. Do you want change to occur in the people of your organization? Let me ask that question a different way: Is everyone on your team prepared, today, for what the organization will be facing a year from now? Two years? Five years? Obviously, change is required for people to be prepared for the future and learning is the process that facilitates that change.

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