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Challenging Leadership Thinking … To Enable Strategic Improvement

ROI of Preparation

August 20, 2014

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2014-08-20

Are you a sports fan? I am. While not a “rabid” sports fan by any stretch of the imagination, I definitely like to watch sports. Football. Soccer. Baseball. Basketball. Lacrosse. Hockey. Tennis. Auto racing. Futbol. Especially, futbol. Your sport of choice may be gymnastics, figure skating, the luge, or curling. But my favorite is futbol, or soccer if you live in the United States of America.
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Using Your Voice

August 15, 2014

Scott Yorkovich


I served as an election judge this past Tuesday in our state’s primary. I’ve served as an election judge in four election cycles now. Prior to my work as a judge, I remember thinking, “How hard can that be? All they do is tell people to sign a piece of paper and then hand them a ballot.” However, the work is much more complicated than it appears. There are several systems in place to encourage the integrity and accuracy of the vote. Utilizing these systems requires great attention to detail as well as the humility to ask fellow judges for help in determining the correct procedure for the inevitable oddball situations that come in the door.

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Burned by the Truth

August 14, 2014

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2014-08-13

Have you ever been burned by the truth? You probably realize this, but you can be burned by the truth in many ways. Perhaps you told someone something that was true and they got mad at you. Perhaps someone told you something that was true and you got mad at them. Or perhaps you wanted to tell the truth, but were afraid, and got burned as a result. Regardless, if you’re reading this article, you have undoubtedly been burned by the truth to one degree or another.

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The Truth About Pain

August 8, 2014

Scott Yorkovich


Why are we afraid to feel pain? Why is it that when your innards are in a knot, your first reaction, externally, is to ignore it and deny that something deep inside you is aching? You put on a smile, keep up the pace, and tell everyone, “I’m just fine.” After a while, part of you believes that, too, but the ache is still there. It grows more distant, but it slows down your thinking, and confuses your communication, and messes with your ability to relate to others. You may have made the ache distant, but the wound grows deeper.

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Authentic Friendship

August 6, 2014

Dr. Robert Gerwig

Gerwig 2014-08-06

Do you have a BFF? In case you’re not sure, a BFF is a Best Friend Forever. And yes, it seems a bit weird for me, a dude, to be talking about BFFs. Why? Well, right or wrong, I typically associate the term BFF with teenage girls, young ladies, and women in general. You’ll never hear a guy say, “Hey, that’s my BFF.”

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